LSQ Local

Microservice Development Environment

  • Develop Microservices inside a container
  • Manage multiple Microservices
  • Package & export containers
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LSQ Connect

Microservice Testing and Assembly

  • share source code and container images
  • connect and test Microservices
  • assemble Microservices into applications

LSQ Cloud

Intelligent Microservice Deployment

  • Cluster Microservices for low latency
  • Integrated microservice discovery
  • Automatic Scaling & redundancy

What are Microservices?

"The microservice architectural style is an approach to developing a single application as a suite of small services, each running in its own process and communicating with lightweight mechanisms... "

Martin Fowler Microservices

Why use Microservices?

" embracing fine-grained, microservice architectures, [organizations] can deliver software faster and embrace newer technologies. Microservices give us significantly more freedom to react and make different decisions, allowing us to respond faster to the inevitable change that impact all of us."

Sam Newman Building Microservices

So what's the problem?

"...building, deploying and maintaining distributed applications is a highly technical feat. [ ]... it requires a new toolkit that is central to solving the coordination and orchestration challenges of running systems that span across multiple machines, datacenters and time zones. "

LSQ Local

Microservice Development Environment

v0.1 Alpha

Develop nodejs Microservices inside a container

Your local development environment should be identical to your production environment - LSQ Local automatically spins up a virtual machine to allow you to develop microservices within a container.

System Requirements
  • OSX 64-bit
Download v0.1

Manage multiple Microservices

Microservices rely upon one another to form a cohesive application - manage all of the Microservices that make up your application simultaneously.

Package & export containers

When you're ready to ship, ensure that your application can be deployed on any infrastructure by creating a Docker container with a single click.

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